Ursulinenhof  Hasselt


Newly-built residential project of assisted living flats, situated in the heart of Hasselt, behind the former town hall and Groenplein.


Public part – public space

The newly-built square, adjoining the existing Groenplein, provides an attractive connection with the garden of the governor’s residence.


Private inner gardens

The inner garden is a roof garden situated above the underground car park. Together with the architects, a new innovative system was developed that allowed for the creation of a living wall without the plants growing on the private areas of the walls.

In the prairie garden, attractive meeting places were created for the residents.


Location:                    Centre of Hasselt

Commissioned by:    Kolmont nv/Vestio nv

Team:                           BuroLandschap & a2o

Surface area:             TBD

Periode :                     2018 - 2019

Status :                        Completed