’t Scheep town hall – Hasselt

New town hall in Hasselt.

The design covered both the public area and private area for the employees of the city of Hasselt. Limburgplein was embellished with a bank and steps, creating an attractive connection between the old and new building. 

The steps, to generate differences in height, resulted in a green wall with a prairie garden full of flowers. Seating was placed in front of the former paramilitary police station to provide a wonderful place to relax.

A roof garden was created on the third floor of the new contemporary building, including a lovely terrace with lush planting and seating, for the employees and officials of Hasselt town hall to enjoy.


Location:                         Hasselt

Commissioned by:        City of Hasselt

Team:                               BuroLandschap & Architectenbureau Michel Janssen, Jaspers-Eyers Architects, ‘UAU’collectiv

Surface area:                 7ha

Construction period:    2016 - 2019

Status:                            Completed