Steward’s house Alden Biesen

Master plan steward’s house Alden Biesen.

The former steward’s house of Alden Biesen has recently been turned into the Martin’s Rentmeesterij hotel. This historic building was built in Maasland style and dates from the 17th century.

BuroLandschap designed the grounds of this estate, retaining as many heritage elements as possible in the design of the site. The standard fruit tree orchard by the car park was restored to its former glory, whilst attention was also paid to easy accessibility for visitors. The hotel itself was fully integrated into a landscape of orchards and flowery meadows, with grassy paths mowed into them for optimal enjoyment of the grounds.

The hotel rooms are nestled in the orchard landscape, immersing guests in green, natural views of the outside world. The terrace with large windows overlooks a contemporary prairie garden with an emphasis on edible plant species (mostly herbs and cabbages) and strong reference to the kitchen gardens of the past.

The bordering English landscape park has been restored. The historic footpath was relaid so visitors can go for a lovely walk while enjoying the views of the manicured lawns alternated with flowery meadows with trees and shrubs.


Location:                          Alden Biesen

Commissioned by:         Lrm/Vestio nv

Team:                                BuroLandschap & PCP Architects

Surface area:                 3ha

Construction period:    2018

Status:                             Completed