Kapermolenpark – Hasselt

Masterplan Kapermolenpark.

This design by BuroLandschap consists of a complete makeover of the existing park. The river Demer, which used to border the park, will now be included in the park, resulting in the creation of a natural wetland.

Through this watery area, a dominant, linear experience axis will be created. A retaining wall will be built on the intersection between water landscape and one of the lookout points, with room for a swallow/kingfisher nesting wall and a bat cellar to increase the experience of fauna in the urban landscape. The cycle path, part of the cycle highway network, will be relaid.

The park wouldn’t be complete, of course, without an adventure playground with clear age zones. Various lookout points with seating areas for pedestrians are also included, offering beautiful views of the Demer valley and the centre of Hasselt. And, the outdoor amphitheatre in the meadows provides the perfect place to host a variety of events.


Location:                       Hasselt

Commissioned by:       City of Hasselt

Team:                             BuroLandschap

Surface area:               15ha

Construction period:  2017 - 2019

Status:                          Completed