Lake area Bokrijk – Genk

Landscape design western lake area Bokrijk.

The western lake area of Bokrijk is part of the Wijers, the largest lake district in Belgium. Home to an abundance of aquatic animals, birds and plants, this EEA protected area is a haven for nature lovers and leisure visitors.

In the 13th and 14th century, artificial fishing lakes were created by the priests of Herkenrode. Today, BuroLandschap has developed a project aimed at making environmental and landscape improvements in the existing lake landscape.

This included the creation of a sight line to Bokrijk museum for cyclists. The fauna and flora of the lakes have been restored, e.g. the tree frog and bittern. The green screen has been replaced by new lakes with an opportunity to experience the water via a plank bridge. These changes in the landscape have created a unique perspective from the open-air museum to the lake area and vice versa. This project pays extra attention to the harmonious balance of ecology and economy, and the key role education and tourism play in this. 

The location of this area, with access to the cycle route network, including the ‘Cycling Through Water’ attraction, is perfect for informing (leisure) visitors about the past and future of this historic lake landscape of the Wijers.


Location:                         Genk

Commissioned by:        Bokrijk vzw

Team:                               BuroLandschap

Surface area:                 10ha

Construction period:    2016 - 2018