Cycling Through the Trees – Hechtel-Eksel

This ambitious bicycle path, a project carried out in collaboration with Visit Limburg, consists of a circular cycling route of approximately 700m through and among the trees.

At its highest point, you are an impressive 10m above ground level. To ensure a comfortable cycling experience, there is a maximum rise of 4%. The large, clean-lined circle was a conscious design choice.

It is a symbolic reference to the tree rings in tree trunks. The path was constructed on corten steel posts, placed in a pattern reminiscent of the pine trees in Pijnven forest.

During construction, one of the main briefs was to retain as much of the forest as possible, which we managed to achieve by working with several partners.


Location:                       Hechtel-Eksel

Commissioned by:      Visit Limburg

Team:                             BuroLandschap & Atelier Ensemble & De Gregorio & Partners

Surface area:               700 running metres

Construction period:  2017 - 2019

Status:                           Completed