De Torens – Aarschot

City development

Residential project De Torens is a traffic-free development on a former factory site, providing several residential and retail units, as well as various green zones. It also includes an underground car park with organic roof gardens on top.

For this project, BuroLandschap aims to create a layered connection between the city centre and Orleanstoren via an undulating hilly landscape, with a long set of steps bridging the height difference. 

In the woods behind, a path with wooden boards will be laid on the bank between the residential project and Orleanstoren. The existing greenery on the bank behind will be extended to the final row of buildings, where a play area will also be provided.

Near the shops, a paved square will be built which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as the weekly Aarschot market.

On the other side of the ground floor level, adjoining the neighbouring plot, well-defined beds will be created.


Location:                       Aarschot

Commissioned by:       Dyls Construct

Team:                              BuroLandschap & a2o

Surface area:                TBD

Construction period:   2018 - 2025