Crematorium ‘Stuifduin’ – Lommel

In this field with burial ground, architectural firm a2o inserted a new crematorium in a miniature Kempen landscape of circa 3.5ha. This project got a2o nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2019.

A central element of the design is the drifting sand dunes, which refer to the old dune massifs. From the car park, people arrive via a linear path that is flanked by concrete retaining walls that contain these dune massifs.

The provision of two paths, one for visitors arriving at the crematorium and one for those leaving, generates an emotional link between the circulation of the path and visitors.

Trees and shrubs were planted along the edge to create a feeling of intimacy as well as a green connection with the existing burial ground. The inner garden reveals a blend of three landscape styles: grassland, heath and drifting sand dunes. For the landscaping of the crematorium grounds, vegetation was used that naturally occurs in the typical Kempen landscape, which makes it stand out from traditional planting.



Location:                         Lommel

Commissioned by:        Pontes

Team:                              BuroLandschap & a2o

Surface area:                3.5ha

Construction period:  2016 - 2018

Status:                           Completed