Clarenhof Hasselt

Historic site – repurposing of the former Convent of Poor Clares.

There is a network of flourishing inner and roof gardens at Clarenhof. Most of these are ornamental gardens, one of which has a sunken path that represents the Stations of the Cross, as a reference to the convent’s past. 

The focus in these gardens is on simplicity, tranquillity and natural elements. There are also clean-lined, formal gardens and organically designed walking gardens.

  • On the roadside, there is a fairly formal garden with clean-lined hedge structures

  • By the assisted living flats, there is a walking garden with a contemporary natural stone finish and a prairie garden with perennials and ornamental grasses. Both calm the senses and as such are in tune with the assisted living facility situated here.

  • In the subtropical shade garden, there is a long, narrow, sheltered area with subtropical looking plants such as the castor oil plant (Fatsia japonica), bull bay (Magnolia grandiflora) and bear’s breech (Acanthus mollis). 

For the roof gardens, green roofs with sedums were chosen, as well as intensive gardens sown with herb-like vegetation. In all gardens, there is an abundance of bulbous and tuberous plants.

Commissioned by:    Vestio nv

Team :                          BuroLandschap & a2o-architecten

Surface area:             9 ha

Period :                        2014

Status :                        completed