be-MINE – Beringen

Master plan former mining site Beringen.

For this project, BuroLandschap was asked to create a vision plan for the entire landscape. The whole of the Beringen mining site was listed as a heritage site in 1993. It is the only mining site in Limburg where the industrial heart of the coal mine has been preserved. 

Under its new name of be-MINE, the site is now being repurposed as a tourist-leisure project. BuroLandschap created a vision for the reuse of the 32-hectare mining site. The outdoor space of the various sub-projects has to be tailored to the site, with a focus on uniformity and open space. The vision proposes a robust, natural design of the open space on the site, in keeping with the industrial atmosphere of the mine buildings and surrounding landscape. The aim is to retain the mining relics and vegetation that are already present and have naturally developed over time where possible in the design of the open space, whilst also ensuring accessibility for visitors.


Location:                        Beringen

Commissioned by:       be-MINE/‘UAU’collectiv

Team:                             BuroLandschap & ‘UAU’collectiv

Surface area:               6.5ha

Construction period:   2016

Status:                           Completed