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Landscape architect Pieter Daenen is the founder and manager of BuroLandschap bvba. In 2008, Pieter set up Pieter Daenen Landschapsarchitectuur, changing the company name in 2014 to BuroLandschap. Pieter is mostly responsible for the creative thinking and drawing side of the operation. 


Jasper Goffin, who has a master’s degree in geography, joined the company in 2015. Before this, he worked as a project manager at the Belgian Nature and Forest Agency. Jasper specialises in ecosystems, ranging from soil and water to fauna and flora. He also has a great interest in architecture and construction, fields in which he has already gained considerable experience since joining the company.


In 2016, the BuroLandschap team was further strengthened with the appointment of Ivo Brouns. Ivo is a structural engineer and is involved in the technical implementation of the area plans, ranging from creating technical drawings to preparing the specifications for construction.

Sebastiaan Thys, urban planner and landscape architect, is the latest addition to the team. His skills broaden BuroLandschap’s perspective.


06 mission

Since the company was founded, the BuroLandschap team has designed and created a considerable number of projects, a wealth of experience that has led to our current vision of ‘the essence of space’: SIMPLICITY – NATURE – USE – CULTURE.


When implementing this vision, BuroLandschap always starts by looking at the elements that are already present in the natural environment.

The combination of private spaces, which are a source of local knowledge, and public spaces, with their urban, cultural context, is something Pieter continues to find enriching.

‘Our vision of the private garden, for instance, is to use the natural palette that is available and revive it. And, we always strive to create a garden that is totally organic and fits in beautifully with both the natural surroundings and the individual.’

Through innovative designs, BuroLandschap aims to create the right link between people and NATURE. In the case of private gardens, there is often no real historical background to work with; instead, the focus is mostly on the surrounding vegetation and the people in the environment. In this instance, USE is coupled with local CULTURE in the concept.

‘People are disconnected from nature. We actually want to reconnect them with nature.’

That is why BuroLandschap tends to focus on ways to help vegetation that is naturally present re-establish itself, by using mostly native plants, for example.

‘There is no need to complicate things. All we have to do is give nature a chance to bloom before our eyes in all its SIMPLICITY and beauty.’

This interrelationship between CULTURE and NATURE is very important in the public landscape too.

‘We have to be able to continue telling the story of the past, so we can keep creating the future.’

Obviously, the restoration of old landscape gardens with historical elements requires considerable historical knowledge, which is why BuroLandschap has entered into a partnership with Hex Castle after many years of working together. Knowledge of the cultivation of old, forgotten vegetables and herbs and of maintenance without the use of pesticides is shared and incorporated into projects all over the country.


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